Additional services

SAI provide other systems and services. Including sales of COTS products, such as demonstration units or brand new products for airborne use.
SAI is handling spare parts and consumables for all wetblast customers in Sweden from its extensive stock in Stockholm. We currently serve Sandvik and SECO with 24-48 hrs delivery time for most parts. 




Vapormatt is one of the most respected companies in the world for Wetblasting applications having developed the process for over 50 years. In the last decade new cutting edge machines have been launched which have been received exceedingly well by the market, like the multitalented SABRE or the in-line multi-stage TIGER +. The current range of systems will satisfy most demands when you need a velvet-like and smooth finish before coating or simultaneous surface treatment and degreasing. 


For sales inquires check or email Ryan Ashworth (ryan.ashworth (a)
Products for sale
  • Skyquest Aviation / CWDC - 15 inch Multi-function mission display AVDU-3824-51-73-HD. For use in aircrafts or helicopters. Can be used stand alone, in system setup or rack mounted (fixings not included). The display is a 2012 model in High-defintion with the option high contrast front glass. It has multiple outputs and inputs for various video formats. This is demo unit with less than 5 hrs usage. Excellent MFD at -85% of new price. Priced at 2995.00 Euro (excl. VAT and duties) Information on request. Contact f.sandstrom (at)

  • Avalex - HD Digital Video recorders AVR 8345 with SATA disc, USB and SD card slot. Can record in either SD or HD. Brand new units. A solid, rugged and capable recorder at a very favourable price - only 1 left now. Priced at 3595.00 Euro now, which is -70% of normal price (excl. VAT and duties) Information on request.  Contact f.sandstrom (at)